Thursday, January 18, 2007

myspace or yourspace?

This whole computer age stuff can sometimes be so confusing. I still remember going through an operator to make a local phone call--and my grandparents had a party line on their phone (their ring was one long and two shorts). So, being able to do all this comunicating in cyberspace seems unreal.

Should libraries use myspace? I really agree with those who stated that if the kids don't want you there, they will just ignore you. But, if the site and info connect with just 1% of those out there, it would be worthwhile. However, I think people are only fooling themselves if they think they can "relive" their teen years by being "one of them". I'm almost (sob!) 60, and for me to post on myspace (disguising myself as a 25 year old library), I think would be a little ridiculous. But, on the other hand, some of my twenty-something co-workers should feel right at home on myspace. I feel as if I'm rambling (but, I must get in my 150 words!).

I think that each library and librarian must decide on the target audience, and then figure out if myspace is the space for them.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Headache, anyone?

Is this process giving anyone else a headache? I have tried to add my blog to the mrrl wiki (I think that's what I've been trying to do. You know where you have to put the [http:// etc...]
and it never shows up.

I think I may need a "buddy" to help me along in this process. And, how do I get a picture of Matthew Mc like Jessica has :-)

And, is anyone counting the words in our posts? i just noticed that it says 150 words per post. How many do you think I have to here? (97!!). Guess I'd better be "word-y-er!"

Here I am

Finally got started on this Library Learning! I'm NOT afraid of computers, etc.--it's just that I'm OLD and it really is hard to teach an old dog new tricks!

OK, now I'm sure some of you are wondering....Becky....I thought her name was Vicki. And, it is. Maiden name is Beck, and for most of my life, someone has called me Becky. So, Becky is my screen name.

Ta Ta for now...