Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Headache, anyone?

Is this process giving anyone else a headache? I have tried to add my blog to the mrrl wiki (I think that's what I've been trying to do. You know where you have to put the [http:// etc...]
and it never shows up.

I think I may need a "buddy" to help me along in this process. And, how do I get a picture of Matthew Mc like Jessica has :-)

And, is anyone counting the words in our posts? i just noticed that it says 150 words per post. How many do you think I have to here? (97!!). Guess I'd better be "word-y-er!"

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Bobbi said...

Vicki - you might check with Eric about the problems you're having with MRRLs wiki. Or let Robin or me know and we'll help you.

Jessica's Matthew pic - on the dashboard you'll click on the "edit profile" link on the upper right hand side. You'll need the url for the picture. If you want to really go about and beyond click on the link for photo hosting and learn how to do that. Good luck!